R&S®ES-SCAN EMI Software

User-friendly software for EMI measurements


R&S®ES-SCAN is a cost-efficient software application that has been developed for Rohde & Schwarz EMI test receivers and spectrum analyzers. The main requirements of electromagnetic interference measurements in accordance with commercial standards have been combined in an easy-to-use application: measurement settings and storage, scan data acquisition and display with automatic data reduction, peak search with acceptance limit and selection of subranges, final measurement with worst-case selection, report generation, and measurement data storage.


Bild R&S®ES-SCAN EMI Software


  • Menu-controlled configuration of EMI test receiver or spectrum analyzer and storage of settings on controller, including limit lines and transducer factors
  • Reliable acquisition, evaluation, and documentation of measurement data
  • Graphical display of scan data with automatic data reduction
  • Marker function, including "Marker to Peak" and "Tune Receiver to Marker Frequency"
  • Automatic peak search with selectable acceptance limit and selectable subranges
  • Editable frequency list for automatic or interactive final measurements
  • "Fine Tuning" function for reliable detection of local disturbance maxima
  • Flexible configuration of report generation for different report layouts