R&S®CMW-Z11 Antenna Coupler

The standard in coupling


The R&S®CMW-Z11 antenna coupler clearly sets new standards: Offering superior coupling characteristics, the R&S®CMW-Z11 can be used for frequencies up to 6 GHz. This outstanding feature combined with a modular options concept makes the R&S®CMW-Z11 indispensable for any radiocommunications tester.

The antenna structure on the R&S®CMW-Z11 antenna coupler board has been optimized to enable an excellent radio connection between the DUT and the tester. The highly broadband spiral antenna allows a wide variety of applications. Further highlights of the R&S®CMW-Z11 include low coupling attenuation and the ability to place the DUT at any desired position inside the box without affecting attenuation caused by reflection.


Bild R&S®CMW-Z11 Antenna Coupler


  • Frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Broadband spiral antenna allowing a wide variety of applications
  • Optimized antenna structure for extremely good RF coupling
  • Sufficient space for today's tablet PCs