R&S®DST200 RF Diagnostic Chamber

Accurate radiated testing of wireless devices 700 MHz to 6 GHz


The R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber is the ideal environment for RF analysis during development. It supports a wide range of radiated test applications for wireless devices and fits on any R & D lab bench, where it can be used at all times during the product design and optimization phase. The R&S®DST200 effectively assists in achieving high first-time pass rates during final type approval, which saves time and money.



  • Anechoic RF chamber with highly effective shielding > 110 dB for interference-free testing in unshielded environments
  • Wide frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz covering all important wireless standards
  • High reproducibility of measurements due to excellent field uniformity at location of equipment under test (EUT)
  • Compact dimensions suitable for any lab environment
  • Unique mechanical design provides long-term stability and maintains high shielding effectiveness
  • Simple and effective front door locking mechanism without pneumatic components
  • Automated 3D positioner for OTA and RSE precompliance measurements