Discontinued Product

R&S®TS7810 RF Test System

For R&D and production test of ISM Transmitters and Receivers


The R&S®TS7810 RF test system covers development, production tests and quality assurance of PCB modules or devices with ISM band radio interfaces such as tyre pressure sensors or remote keyless entry products. By using standard equipment such as the R&S®FSL spectrum analyzer or the R&S®CompactTSVP open test platform, the R&S®TS7810 can be quickly adapted to meet project-specific requirements.


Bild R&S®TS7810 RF Test System


  • Supports a frequency range from 100 MHz to 6 GHz including ISM bands
  • Transmitter and receiver measurements
  • Test time < 5 sec
  • Transparent RF telegram analysis
  • 125 kHz LF telegram activation