R&S®TS8980 RF Test System Family

From R & D to conformance testing


R&S®TS8980 is an integrated test system family for LTE, WCDMA and GSM conformance testing.

R&S®TS8980 is a family of test solutions for the entire development lifecycle of mobile stations (MS). The R&S®TS8980FTA-2, successor to the R&S®TS8980FTA, is a fully automated conformance test system configured for running validated RF conformance test cases during the design, precertification and type approval of mobile stations. The test system provides a future-ready design capable of supporting new LTE-Advanced technologies.

The R&S®TS8980S-2 is a fully automated in-band test solution for precompliance and R & D applications. The R&S®TS8980PRE is a precompliance tester for both inband and out-of-band tests. The R&S®CONTEST software platform of the R&S®TS8980 can be used for applications ranging from scalable test systems to conformance testing. Its simple operation, flexibility in test applications and speed-optimized automated test sequences enhance the efficiency of testing in all development phases of an MS.


Bild R&S®TS8980 RF Test System Family


Full coverage for RF conformance test cases

  • LTE and LTE-Advanced
  • WCDMA (Rel. 99 to Rel. 9 incl. HSPA, R7 MIMO, (DB-)DC-HSDPA)
  • GSM (Rel. 99 to Rel. 9 incl. GPRS, EDGE, VAMOS, TIGHTER)

LTE network operator acceptance tests

  • Special optional add-ons to meet specific operator needs
  • Network-operator-specific test plans for RF, RRM, data throughput and protocol testing

Optional RRM



Bild Produktbezeichnung
Bild R&S®TS8980S-2 Pre-Compliance InbandR&S®TS8980S-2 Pre-Compliance Inband
Bild R&S®TS8980PRE Pre-Compliance Inband + Out-of-BandR&S®TS8980PRE Pre-Compliance Inband + Out-of-Band
Bild R&S®TS8980FTA-2 ConformanceR&S®TS8980FTA-2 Conformance