R&S®CBT/CBT32 Bluetooth® Tester

Fast and comprehensive RF and audio measurements


The R&S®CBT performs Bluetooth® RF tests at extremely high speed. In addition to power, modulation, frequency and BER tests, the R&S®CBT carries out a variety of spectrum measurements without requiring any extra spectrum analyzers. While conventional Bluetooth® testers sequentially measure power, modulation, frequency accuracy and also frequency drift, the R&S®CBT performs all these measurements in a single test cycle, which makes the instrument very fast in production applications. For use in the lab, the R&S®CBT offers traces for power, modulation and spectrum, which are output in realtime on a large graphical display.


Bild R&S®CBT/CBT32 Bluetooth® Tester


  • Qualified by the Bluetooth® SIG for RF measurements
  • Highly flexible debugging in R&D
  • Very short measurement times for high throughput in production
  • Integrated spectrum measurements
  • RF tests on Bluetooth® devices in compliance with Bluetooth® 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 + HS, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 core specifications
  • R&S®CBTGo software supporting all 38 Bluetooth® RF test cases
  • Cost-effective R&S®CBT32 rack version for production applications
  • Multiple audio options available
  • EDR option (R&S®CBT-K55) for enabling a large number of EDR RF tests
  • R&S®CBT-K57 Bluetooth® low energy option for measuring and generating Bluetooth® low energy signals


Bild Produktbezeichnung Bestell Nr.
Bild R&S®CBT Bluetooth® TesterR&S®CBT Bluetooth® Tester
Bild R&S®CBT32 Bluetooth® TesterR&S®CBT32 Bluetooth® Tester