R&S®ATSI100 Infotainment Test System

Fast, comprehensive tests in automobile production


The R&S®ATSI100 system generates every test signal separately in application-specific modules. Each module contains all components needed for signal generation and amplification.

Due to the robust design, the modules meet the rigorous standards in automobile production. The R&S®ATSI100 module frames provide easy slot-in installation and power supply for up to eleven modules.

The modular concept allows the installation of the modules close to the test environment (e.g. test cabin, production line). This largely avoids time-consuming and fault-prone laying of RF cables in the production area.


Bild R&S®ATSI100 Infotainment Test System


  • Remote control via LAN
  • Onboard power amplification
  • Selftest functionality
  • Radiated signal survey
  • Module configuration software
  • Hot-swapping capability
  • Interface to process control systems
  • Future-ready and economical enhancement