R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzers

Network analyzer plus options for spectrum analysis and absolute power measurements in one extremely light, compact, instrument with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz / 6 GHz


The R&S®ZVL is a cost-efficient, powerful, and portable network analyzer in the compact class, and is therefore ideal for use in development, production, and service. It is the only instrument to combine the functions of a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and power meter in a single box, and will thus tremendously increase your work efficiency.


Bild R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzers


  • Optional spectrum analysis and digital communications standards
  • Bidirectional test set for displaying all four S-parameters
  • R&S®ZVL3-75: 75 Ω vector network analyzer for TV and CATV measurements
  • Multitrace display for displaying all relevant parameters
  • Distance-to-fault measurement for detecting cable faults
  • Time domain analysis
  • USB connector for R&S®NRP-Z power sensor series for precise power measurements
  • Internal battery and 12 V DC operation
  • Small, compact, lightweight and portable (< 7 kg)


Bild Produktbezeichnung Bestell Nr.
Bild R&S®ZVL3 Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZVL3 Vector Network Analyzer
9 kHz to 3 GHz
Bild R&S®ZVL6 Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZVL6 Vector Network Analyzer
9 kHz to 6 GHz
Bild R&S®ZVL13 Vector Network AnalyzerR&S®ZVL13 Vector Network Analyzer
Bild R&S®ZVL3-75 Vector Network AnalyzerR&S®ZVL3-75 Vector Network Analyzer