Discontinued Product

R&S®DABK1 COFDM Software

Generation of COFDM signals (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex) for DAB and DVB

  • Simulation of DAB and DVB signals with COFDM modulation
  • All DAB modes (1, 2, 3) selectable
  • Inclusion of guard intervals of selectable length
  • Simulation of a DAB frame made up of 77 or 144 symbols, number of symbols also user-selectable
  • Calculation of other multicarrier signals with user-selectable number of carriers (up to 8190) and frequency spacing of carriers selectable from 1 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Simulation of signal interference such as spurious amplitude and phase
  • Simulation of fading
  • Conversion of COFDM-modulated signals into the frequency range of the SMHU58 (5 MHz to 2 GHz)
  • Bandwidth of modulated signals 1.5 MHz for DAB modes and up to 20 MHz for user-defined COFDM signals
  • User-selectable D/A converter resolution from 1 to 12 bits
  • Selectable clipping of maximum peak power