R&S®SGS100A SGMA RF Source

Compact – fast – reliable


The R&S®SGS100A is an RF source designed to meet the requirements of automated test systems. It is available as a CW source or as a vector signal generator with an integrated I/Q modulator. With its frequency range of up to 12.75 GHz, the vector signal generation version covers the essential digital signals. The CW version can be used as a flexible local oscillator as well as for interference testing against mobile radio standards.


Bild R&S®SGS100A SGMA RF Source


  • Smallest fully integrated vector signal generator on the market, space-saving design for system integration
  • Enables high throughput due to very short frequency and level setting times of typ. 280 μs via PCIe interface
  • Excellent RF performance in a compact format
  • Maximum output level of typ. +22 dBm for compensating losses in the setup
  • Closed ALC loop for CW and I/Q modes for highest level repeatability
  • High output frequency up to 12.75 GHz for broad applicability
  • Wear-free electronic attenuator for high reliability
  • Very cost-efficient with low initial costs and low cost of ownership