Discontinued Product

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R&S®SMATE200A Vektorsignalgenerator

The production solution based on the R&S®SMU200A is fast and accurate.


Based on the successful R&S®SMU200A platform, the R&S®SMATE200A is specifically designed for production environments. As such, the display and front panel user interface have been removed, the connectors moved to the rear, and performance has been optimized for fastest setting times to improve factory throughput. Like the R&S®SMU200A, the two-generators-in-one concept has been kept, occupying four height units – a plus for production where space is at a premium. All of this is available without compromising the excellent RF performance and baseband flexibility.


Bild R&S®SMATE200A Vektorsignalgenerator


  • Up to two independent signal generators in one unit
  • 3 GHz or 6 GHz frequency options in one or two paths
  • Very short setting times for frequency and level (frequency changes < 1 ms over GPIB and < 400 μs in List mode)
  • Fast Hop mode offering flexibly addressable frequency/level pairs; as fast as normal List mode
  • Multisegment waveform function enabling fast switching between different test signals in waveform generator
  • Up to two baseband generators with realtime coder and arbitrary waveform generator