Discontinued Product


Software for generation of generic OFDM signals

Bild R&S®WinIQOFDM COFDM Software

The WinIQOFDM software package is for simulating OFDM signals as eg in wireless LANs. Besides the generic mode, a HIPERLAN/2 mode is also available.

  • Generic and HIPERLAN/2 modes (special editing mode for generating HIPERLAN/2 signals guarantees conformity to the standard)
  • Connection to WinIQSIM via a DDE interface
  • Data transfer to I/Q Modulation Generator AMIQ or to the SMIQ’s internal arbitrary waveform generator (R&S SMIQB60)
  • 8 data sources, 8 modulators (all common PSK and QAM constellations with optional differential modulation, PSK rotation or non-uniform QAM)
  • Pilot subcarrier (fixed combination of data source and modulator) available
  • Convenient generation of OFDM symbols, bursts, frames and sequences with the OFDM symbol editor
  • User-friendly operation
  • Context-sensitive help system
  • For more detailed information please refer to the Technical Information that is available as a .pdf-File in the Download area.