R&S®WinIQSIM2 Simulation Software

Generation of digital I/Q signals according to various radio standards


R&S®WinIQSIM2 has been especially developed for easily generating digitally modulated signals. The graphical user interface allows intuitive operation, supported by context-sensitive help. By offering a convenient way to create any standard-conforming waveform with all the included standards and to generate multicarrier signals as well as multisegment waveforms, R&S®WinIQSIM2 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The signals generated with the aid of the R&S®WinIQSIM2 software can be output by the R&S®AFQ100A and R&S®AFQ100B arbitrary waveform generators as well as by the R&S®SMW200A (R&S®SMW-B10 option), R&S®SMU200A (R&S®SMU-B9/-B10/-B11 options), R&S®SMJ100A (R&S®SMJ-B9/-B10/-B11/-B50/-B51 options) and R&S®SMBV100A (R&S®SMBV-B10/-B10F/-B50/-B51 options) vector signal generators and the R&S®AMU200A baseband signal generator and fading simulator. Some standards also work for the R&S®CMW500/R&S®CMW280 wideband radio communication tester, the R&S®CMW270 wireless connectivity tester and the R&S®EX-IQ-Box digital signal interface module.


Bild R&S®WinIQSIM2™ Simulation Software


  • Large variety of digital standards
  • Generation of user-definable digital signals while offering user-selectable modulation parameters
  • Multicarrier signal generation
  • Multisegment waveform function
  • AWGN generation and addition to the signal
  • Extended graphics
  • Convenient connections