R&S®ZVA-Z Millimeter-Wave Converters

Network analysis up to 500 GHz


The R&S®ZVA-Zxx millimeter-wave converters allow millimeter-wave measurements in the V, E, W, F, D, G, J and Y band as well as network analysis in frequency ranges from 50 GHz to 500 GHz depending on the converter model. Featuring a wide dynamic range, the Rohde & Schwarz converters offer high operating convenience and allow fast measurements. Two-port measurements can be performed using a four-port network analyzer and two converters; no external generator is required. When using a two-port network analyzer, an external generator is needed to supply the LO signals.


Bild R&S®ZVA-Z Millimeter-Wave Converters


  • Variable output power
  • Electronic power control
  • Automatic parameter setting
  • Convenient handling
  • Multiport and true differential measurements
  • Pulsed measurements
  • Calibration
  • R&S®ZVA-Z325 and R&S®ZVA-Z500 special compact version
  • R&S®ZVA-Z110E: Electronic power control for power calibration, and calibrated power sweeps